God Prophesies Now

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Part of truly believing and engaging in encounters with the Holy Spirit may be receiving prophetic messages or meaningful dreams from God. Recently, God has allowed me to partake in this special experience through an extraordinary story and has put it on my heart to share it with you, particularly on a public place in writing, which luckily I have a blog for. Once what He has told me will happen in my future occurs, this will be a public platform with a date as a testimony to the fact that miracles of the biblical times are not a thing of the past, and will serve to glorify His greatness. Miracles such as water turning to wine, blind seeing and sons becoming rams just before they are sacrificed are still around today. The problem is that many do not realize they don’t fully believe in the Holy Spirit and it’s power that is just as strong and working as it once was.

Today is June 1, 2020, and I am writing what God has prophesied over me here, to serve as a public witness, to glorify Him when it becomes fact.

About a year ago, I had a dream. I saw three faces form, one at a time. Each face started as a fetus, and progressed until the children were about 6 or 7. It was unlike any dream I’ve ever had and the mere detail of it was unreal. First, I saw a girl form. She looked just like I did from what I’ve seen of myself at 6 years old in pictures. She had light hair starting to turn brown like mine once was and blue eyes like mine. The next child was also a girl, but she doesn’t look much like me and doesn’t have big blue eyes. This was strange to me at first, but has made sense after a discovery in January that I will explain soon. The last child I saw form was a boy, and I remember him best, because I woke up right after he finished forming, which was in the middle of the night on a school night. I cannot even begin to describe to you how beautiful he is. He has the most beautiful bright blue eyes that I’ve ever seen, and the longest lashes cover them. His hair is somewhere between brown and blonde, more of a golden color. The most startling thing about him was his skin. It is the most perfect golden skin, like a constant sun kissed tan. He quite literally glows. In the dream, I was hit with this deep feeling that he in particular is unbelievably special, and is going to be a leader to do amazing things in the name of the Lord. These kids I saw are all my kids. When I woke up, God sternly told me that He was to the name the boy, and that I was to have no part in naming him. Also, as soon as I woke up, I grabbed my sketch book and drew the boy as best as I could remember him. This way I had a piece of him to look at even if it started slipping away from my memory.

When I woke up, I immediately knew the dream was from God, and I immediately knew the children I saw were my kids. I get a lot of questions about how you know it’s God speaking to you or how you know something is from Him. And the best way I can answer that is that I have learned this: every time something has been from the Holy Spirit, it has been completely undeniable. The times it hasn’t been, there has been room for doubt and wondering if it was actually from Him or not. Let me tell you, when God tells you something, there is no piece of your body that can question it. This dream was exactly that. As soon as I woke up, I felt this indescribable physical warmth in my core, where a child would form. The love I felt when I woke up for those kids is a love like I have never felt before. It immediately struck me that I am already carrying a part of my children inside me now and love overcame me. I often times rest my hands there, feeling that same warmth I did when I first woke up from the dream. I share a private smile with God in those moments, finding utter joy in the glimpse He has allowed me to see, and in the fact that we were the only two who knew about it. Until now, of course.

I’m going to go back in time for a little bit, because this next piece of information is crucial to what has happened these past couple months. I just would like to state before I start this part that I am so incredibly lucky to have been raised by a man who is so incredibly in touch with the Holy Spirit. Without him, I would not believe so strongly that my soul interacts with the Holy Spirit every day, and this blog would not be here. With that said, this piece of this crazy story is about my dad. This is a story that my dad has told me about since I was 9 years old. One service in church, the pastor called anyone who felt led to come up to the front. My dad told me that the Holy Spirit pushed him so strongly that he physically could not help but to run to the front of the church. When he got there, a vision struck him. Two children were running up to him. He was certain it was me and Jacob, my brother, because the kids looked so much like us. But, as the two kids ran closer to him he realized that although the two kids looked strikingly similar to Jacob and I, they were different kids. As my father looked up, he saw that they were running to him from an orphanage. He has told Jacob and I since we were young that he thinks the kids must be either my kids or Jacob’s kids since they look so much like our features (Jacob and I look very similar, and people used to think we were twins when we were little).

It wasn’t until this January that my dad and I connected that we saw the same kids in my dream and his vision.

While I was visiting him in January, we were talking about God, as we usually end up doing, and my dream somehow came up. It had been a while since I last described it to my dad or showed him the picture of my son that I drew, so he asked me to describe it again. After I finished reexplaining it, my dad looked deep in thought. He was sitting across the bar at the table while I was cooking him dinner from the stove that faced him. He looked up at me and asked me to describe each kid again, but in as much detail as I could remember. As I described my oldest, the first girl in my dream, my dad nodded. He didn’t react when I described the second girl much. He was more interested when I described the boy, and this time, I went into detail about his extraordinarily glowing skin. When I did this, my dad burst up out of his chair and shouted, “Yes! The boy has golden skin! Like he was tan from the sun!” His outburst frightened me and I almost dropped my spoon in the skillet. I was truly confused, and I said “Yes?” Then he explained, “Angelle, those are the same kids from my vision!” As funny as it may seem, my first reaction was “Oh my gosh, I’m going to die,” because I remembered how the kids were running to him from an orphanage in his vision. It still makes me laugh every time I remember it.

As my dad and I were discussing, we came to the theory that I adopt my second girl. My oldest girl and boy were probably running from the orphanage, because I was inside adopting her. It also made sense that she didn’t look like me or my other two kids.

Although I didn’t doubt my dream at all from God, my dad’s realization that my description of the kids fit his vision was an extra confirmation and reassurance. That is something else I’ve learned about knowing for sure whether something is truly from God or not. If more than one person gets the same message, that is truly the Holy Spirit. If you and someone else decide to pray about something and talk to God about it, and then come back with different answers from God, one of you were possibly not listening to Jesus, but maybe your own heart instead. If you both receive the same message, that is truly God.

A short period later, my dad told me that he had received a message from the Holy Spirit. He said It gave him two names, a date, a place and a message. He told me that he wasn’t sure yet, but that the information may be for me. After I told him that God was to name my boy, it made him think that the names he received, along with the other information, may be for me. But because he wasn’t sure if the information was for me or if I was ready for the information, my dad kept it from me. Until a few days ago.

My dad came down for my brothers birthday, and after heading home he decided he wanted to tell me the information he received that night.

Names: Abraham and Grace

Date: September 4th (No Year)

Place: Justice Hall

Message: “Let My commandments stand.”

My dad and I then discussed what this information could mean and why it would be meant for me.

As far as the names go, God did tell me that He was going to name my boy specifically, but that doesn’t mean He won’t name my daughter, too. I believe my biological children will be named Grace and Abraham. Because I will adopt my second daughter when Grace and Abraham are about 6 and 7 years old, she will already have a name. It also doesn’t surprise me that the boy will be named Abraham, because Abraham is known as the patriarch of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Quite ironically, he was also a prophet. And his birth has already been prophesied by the Spirit! The specialness I felt so strongly makes sense that this boy would have the name of such a leader. I immediately thought of Abraham’s great faith that my dad has taught me about since I was little. This is the name of a man who obeyed God so strongly and had so much faith that when God asked him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, by killing him, he went to do so. God of course asked Abraham to replace Isaac with a ram instead right before he was about to kill him, having seen Abraham’s great faith. This is a sacrifice and love like no other for God, mirroring God’s sacrifice of His only Son to die for our sins. After Abraham kills the ram, God promises him plentiful offspring and blessings upon all his people and land which they settle. I already know this name is fitting for the glowing boy I saw in my dream. I have no doubt that God is putting him here to be a great leader in His name for a world that is closer to Jesus coming back than you realize. Abraham is going to do something more incredible than I can imagine. For Grace, I am not at all surprised and am actually in love with the name. God called me to a church called Grace last year, and I have grown so much closer to him and my friends of faith because of that church. I would love to name my precious girl I saw after it.

My dad thinks that the place, Justice Hall, may be simply referring to me getting married, as you have to file marriage papers with a court justice in a court hall. That’s all we’ve come up with so far for the place.

My dad mentioned two theories for the date. Either that I will be married September 4th (Justice Hall) or that I will have one of my kids on September 4th. My thoughts are that it being my marriage day would be too intentional, and that I would have to intentionally choose that day instead of it being a stroke of God’s hand. As far as having one of my kids that day, it may be the date of birth of my son, because of how special he is. Another theory I have is that I adopt my second daughter that day, or that September 4th is the date that she is born to her biological mother.

My dad knew what the message meant and explained it to me, and I fully believe his interpretation, because it convicted me strongly, and it was something I especially needed to hear the night my dad decided to tell me. It’s rather personal and doesn’t affect the rest of the story much, so I’m going to leave it between my dad and I.

That’s all I have that’s happened so far, but I realized I needed to share it on a large public platform that would hold a date for everyone to see at any time in the future. This way, God’s glory will be fully shown through the events of my life that God has already revealed now when they actually occur in the future. I will have this piece of writing as well as you reading this to be a witness of this truly miraculous experience when it happens later. When it these events come true, I will post them here. It will be a few years at the very least before I get married and have kids, so I just ask that you be patient for updates, exciting as it is. It’s so crazy to me, as I’m already taking my family into consideration with every decision I make, which was not something I expected to happen immediately. When choosing my career path, what I save, what I purchase, what I pour my energy into; I always think of the three faces I saw in my dream and what would be best for them before I do it. It’s truly indescribable. If you have any different interpretations of the names and date and place, please contact me!! I’m leaving my email at the bottom if you don’t have any other way to message me. My dad and I have only thought of a few ideas and I would love to hear if anyone received the message differently. Also, contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss anything! Thank you for reading and being a witness for God’s glory.

I can’t wait!!!!




2 thoughts on “God Prophesies Now

  1. The first thoughts I had when reading the names from your dad is that both grace and faith will be the keys to justice. Faith and grace are exceedingly needed in the world your children are being sent to impact. I feel the same warmth you described so well in my arms as I type. Also, September is labor day in some years. Maybe the year someone will be born. …2023. Labor day just wouldn’t leave my mind


    1. Wow! I love this interpretation. My dad and I can only think of so much so I love hearing more perspectives. I will keep you updated and I’ll let my dad know what you said!! Thank you so much!


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