Rejoicing in Change and Pain

Rejoicing in Change and Pain

Recently, I’ve had a lot of change going on in my life, and it is a season of change for many others, too, as summer begins. Despite the discomfort or fear that difference may inflict on us, I wanted to remind you in this season of change that we must rejoice in pain and difference. God puts change in our lives for growth and for better. I’ve been reminded of this once again lately, as I’ve been going through changes, and seeing how they are for better and how they are blessing me. A lot of times when you go through a change, God is saying to you:

There is better for you, and I’m going to change your life to bring that better for you.

But, change often times means pain. It is so important to trust that pain, to trust that He is blessing you more than you could ever imagine with that pain. Rejoice in that pain. Rejoice in confidence that the pain and change in your life is God growing you into a person that is ready for something greater. Through your tears, praise Him. Thank Him for the pain, even while you are at your lowest point. Thank Him for giving you pain, for giving you growing pains, because you are grateful and confident that it has a purpose. It can really be difficult and sound insane to thank God for pain. But doing this is complete and whole confidence in God and His plan for you, and you will be rewarded for your faith and trust. As I have rejoiced in my pain and change, God has blessed me beyond belief. I feel the best I have been in my entire life, the closest to Him I have ever felt in my entire life, the most completely happy and full. I thought I would be in much more pain and that it would last longer, but my confidence and rejoicing has blessed me more than I deserve. I feel complete peace- a friend told me while I was going through my painful change:

“When you feel peace, that is God. Just know that.”

Later, Emmi knew I was in pain. She did the most simple and graceful act. She let God speak through her and reached out to help me in the most beautiful way. She didn’t interrogate me on what happened, she didn’t even say a word. Silently, she slipped me a strip of water colored paper that had a single word written on it:


Over the next couple days after that, peace rushed over me. Actually, I take that back. It hit me smack in the face. Like a truck. There was so much peace and my previous period of being drained and not myself was replaced with light, happiness, fullness and peace. I remembered the advice I received, and I knew this is God. I didn’t even know how drained I was by my situation until God changed it, even though it caused initial pain. 

The first three days after the change occurred, I was in so much hurt and I couldn’t stand myself. I couldn’t eat, and I threw up everything I forced down for three days straight. I was beyond upset and hurt. But during the three days of pain, I worshipped God. I sang to Him praises, I prayed how grateful I was and I thanked Him for my pain. I rejoiced. I worship and pray everyday, but the point is that I continued even during my pain. It is so easy to blame God, for your soul to scream “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” Instead, worship Him. Instead, rejoice in the new page He has turned for you. Instead, thank Him for it. Instead, be confident in what God is doing in your life, no matter the pain or seeming absurdity. Instead, don’t try to understand, because we are only man, and we cannot understand God’s ways or perfect plan.

““For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭55:8‬ NKJV

(God is basically saying here that His thoughts and ways are nothing like our thoughts and ways. We cannot begin to understand or comprehend or compare them, for they are so above us.)

You do not need to understand to trust Him. In fact, true trust and faith does not need to understand to be true. It is more true without understanding. At first, I did not understand, and I still praised and rejoiced. But following the three days, I found peace and happiness, and all of the following blessings occurred:

I repaired a broken relationship with a family member. We had an honest talk, and we both apologized and forgave. The situation is still getting better, but it is actually getting there, now, instead of remaining stagnant.

I have met countless new people and gotten closer to others. They are the kind of relationships and friendships that are beautiful and mean something and bring me closer to God. I can’t wait to get even closer to them and continue to go on more adventures with them. I’m so thankful for my new community.

I have been called to a new church. I was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit when God told me, and I cried happy tears.

Before my change, I somehow felt ditzy for a while, like my intelligence had escaped me. I wasn’t doing well in math, even though I usually do. After the change, I made a perfect score on my next math test. It sounds crazy, but I felt my intelligence return. I understand things clearly again, and I’m not constantly confused or asking questions.

My energy and light has returned. I don’t feel constantly exhausted and drained. I feel refreshed and renewed. I feel cleansed.

My self image has improved. I see my worth and value clearer. I have acknowledged my flaws and things I need to work on, and I am doing so. In the process, I’m becoming better and more confident in myself and who God made me to be.

I feel joy and happiness again. Enough said.

Summer is a beautiful time for change. There are so many opportunities, less stress from school, new people to meet, new relationships to form, new jobs, new experiences, new adventures. That is what God has blessed me with, and that is what He has in store for you, too. Rejoice and worship God in the midst of your pain.

Show Him how confident and thankful you are for the blessings you are sure He is bringing to your life.

Show Him you’re ready.

Thank Him for the pain.

“Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord be with you all.”

‭‭II Thessalonians‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


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